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The advantages of wood being natural are unquestionable. Wood grows by photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by the atmosphere and is a renewable material.

Furniture manufacturers must understand the properties and applications of wood so that wooden products can be used for a long time. Wood is an organic material. Therefore, it has hygroscopicity and anisotropic structure. It can be used in many areas and offers opportunities for work in thermal, acoustic, electrical, mechanical and aesthetic aspects. You can build a house from start to finish with only wood and place your items with these products. It is impossible to work so delicately with any other material. Natural wood furniture coverings have disadvantages and advantages, and there are many benefits. While other materials expand with the increase of heat, trees do not expand with the increase of heat, on the contrary, they dry out and become stronger when they dry. Trees expand only when the humidity level drops below zero. This situation is scientifically explained, and it is known that even in the driest places, the humidity of trees does not fall below 5%. When using natural wood products, the sound insulation effect is measured by the surface quality. The sound insulation effect of wood coating is not very good, but it can absorb sound and prevent noise echoes. Due to this feature, it is widely used in concert halls.

Wood has aesthetic properties

Wood is a beautiful material that can be used to decorate your home and cover your belongings. Special coatings and products are made for each tree. These trees have a unique color, smell and design. The pattern changes depending on the felling of the tree, and the shape changes when it is sliced. You can choose different tree species according to your preferences. In this sense, the natural wood finish obtained can be coated with a dark varnish, and then it can be given a glossy and matte effect. Wood is easy to maintain and repair. When renovating old wood, they can present many different shapes and a special touch. Products made with other materials and coatings are difficult to maintain and repair, costly, and often thrown away.

Advantages of wood coatings

Natural veneers can be used both indoors and outdoors. The coating made prevents rapid absorption and loss of moisture. Surface cracking eliminates other problems. Thanks to trees, it is possible to talk about environmentally friendly friends and reveal environmentally friendly aesthetic patterns. Depending on the hardness of the coating, it offers the possibility of long-term use. There are also some issues to consider when cleaning wood coatings. Strong abrasives such as scouring powder and scouring nylon can also damage the coating during major cleaning.

Considering the budget, laminate coating is more often the first choice. However, it is also possible to cover the room with the same type of wood to ensure the integrity of the wood products in the room. This coating can also be considered as an alternative. In some places, it is covered with particleboard or medium-density fiberboard. It provides suitable use through the process of coloring with varnish after coating. Wood veneer is more economical and affordable than products made of other materials.

Maintenance of natural  veneer is important

The covering of natural wood veneer furniture must also be protected for a certain period of time. Furniture oil or similar drying oil should be applied to the surface several times a year to protect it. When applying the oil, it should be rubbed and sent into the wood. After sanding the surface with nearly dry sandpaper, clean it with a dry cloth and remove dust to complete the process. The finished work may take several days to dry. You can use wood and natural wood products that have been used for thousands of years in many places such as schools, homes, workplaces, hotels, etc., which are both beautiful and economical.

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